Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Happiest Place on Earth

Now it is a norm that there is a rain (or a storm, snow or a developing tornedo) wherever I go. Seattle in Sep 05 (Duh!), LA in Oct 05, Philly and DC in Jan 06, Raliegh NC in Sep 06 and now Anaheim CA in Nov 06. And now we are having this Arctic blast in WA state, one of the worst patches in recent Northwest history, causing heavy snow storms and temperatures in teens in Federal Way! What is the deal with this North American weather and me?

Meanwhile, with your indulgence, here are few snaps of me posing with the celebrities I met during this Thanksgiving weekend. Check them out -

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

DeFense DeFense

Recognize anyone? :-)

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Monday, November 13, 2006


The prolonged wait is over and now I am a proud owner of this beauty -

Oops, I meant this -

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Few Random Thoughts

It was misspelled by the author, miscommunicated by the narrator and quite naturally, misunderstood by the entire audience, barring one. She fully grasped what exactly he had meant to say, not through the words she heard, but through her senses. Grabbing her bag and offering apologies to other patrons, she slid across the aisle as quietly and quickly as she could and walked out of the auditorium. She tried calling his mobile, but there was no available network. "F%*k!" she swore so loudly that few uninterested souls around, who had come out of the play for various reasons, suddenly shot their glances at her. "Definitely not used to hear a girl say that," she thought, whispered a "Pardon me" and started walking more briskly. The entire lobby was watery because of the heavy rais the city was being lashed with. She did not even heed when she almost slipped once, but ran out of the entrance calling out for a cab.

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