Monday, March 31, 2008

Of God and the Tax Season

I had a meeting with my tax consultant last week. He asked me a whole lot of questions about my earnings, savings, stocks, medical expenses, educational expenses etc. Routine stuff, in other words you hear in the tax office. He asked me how much I had spent towards religious activities last year. I asked him to clarify. He said, "You know, how many miles did you travel to go to the temple?"

Boy! A tough question. I made a quick calculation and told him, "About 60 mi".

He seemed excited. "Good. So how much for the whole year?"

I should mention that this tax consultant was Indian, calling me from Bangalore I guess.

"Actually that's about it." I clarified.

He was speechless for a few moments. Or maybe it was the phone connection. "What?? How many times did you go to the temple?"

"About two-three times."

"Shouldn't you be going more regularly?" He asked.

"To get more tax rebate?" I quipped.

He seemed aghast. Perhaps a little disappointed. "No you know, aren't you a Hindu? You should."

I have not been so much patronized by even my parents since I was 12. Why do people seem so surprised to hear something like this?

signing off,

Friday, March 28, 2008

Bhaiyya Sehwag!

I am a Tendulkar guy. Contrary to what I say, I tend to get disappointed, however little it might be, when he gets out. Now I know this person who is undoubtedly Sehwag guy. He has unabashedly supported Sehwag throughout the years I have known him. I remember when we were in Chennai earlier this decade (boy, the time has surely flown) and cricket and pay-raises were the only things that brought our otherwise diverse group of folks from all over India to the passionate round tables; he used to be the only one supporting Sehwag. Now I don't mean that rest of us did not enjoy his huge six over the midwicket or cracking square cut backwards of point. But he was the one who said big things about Sehwag where rest of us just more or less agreed that probably Sehwag was a one-match wonder.

Today I cannot help but remember him and how he must be content with himself. I can almost hear him boisterously cheer Sehwag in his own typically Delhite accent, "Sehwag, bhaiyya, Sehwag! $%#$ di South Africa $%@#*@$%^!!"

Cheers to that mate! Cheers!!

signing off!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Silver Spamming

Sorry Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT). I know your Silverlight technology is bright and shiny. But I am on my office network and you know, "not supposed" to install anything unless thoroughly tested and approved. I bet you have a similar policy on your desktops too, where "the developers" will be "frowned upon" if they install unauthorized software, say (*gasp*) Thunderbird to read their (*gasp*^2) Gmails or (*gasp*^3) Firefox!

So please let me know if you have any brighter and shinier button which kills these "Install Silverlight" "Install Silverlight" windows once and for all till my IT department decides otherwise. You know, some might even call it a "popup window". Heh. Their nerves.

signing off,

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

With Sugar on Top

As Colbert would say, "WE DID IT!" With all shouting, sound effects and whistling!

To Mr Ponting and his minions, please treat this as a personal offensive gesture to derive that we are not gracious winners. Frankly, who's listening to you?

signing off,