Thursday, May 26, 2005

Zero Minus Two

The countdown has long back begun in my mind and this is it's current state. It is my remaining days in Bangalore before I go for a long vacation in Mumbai. For the first time I'll be away from workplace for 16 days! But I don't think I'd be able to be away from work :-( Currently I am trying to setup my account so that I can login to my machine from my home and can handle any problems.

Let's hope there is no problem and my next two weeks aren't spent in front of the idiot machine #2.

signing off,

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Sunday That Was

I am a lazy person. In my previous posts whatever I might have gloated about me exercising or biking, you may as well trash it. So now when I decide that I will get up on a Sunday morning at 0645 hrs (mslds*: kya?) and drive all the way to office (mslds: kya??) to play tennis and swim (mslds: kya???) be damn sure that I'll not do any of such sort at any cost.

But this Sunday is different. Even though I sleep at 0045 hrs on Saturday night

(mslds: Kya be.. Kya kar raha tha itna late? Naughty naughty! Uncle ko phone karoo kya?
miaws**: [daring to speak for the first time]: Yaar wo .. umm .. stitching kar raha tha.
mslds: Yeda samjha hai kya mujhe?
miaws: Nahi yaar, sachchi. Ye dekh ..
mslds: faints for some time looking at my art)

I wake up early morning next day. Get ready and hit the road towards the office on my

(mslds: Abe dhakkan, teri nahi, tere dost ki.
miaws: Haan yaar wohi. Abhi ek minute chup baithega, to main ye complete karoo?
mslds: Teri to .. Bahot aawaj chalne lagee hai be .. Dhishum dhishum ..)

bike. Now my friend here who is accompanying me for the game, calls me informing he has lost his wallet in the bus he was travelling. I reach the pickup point as soon as possible.

(mslds: Ye bhi chirkut hai. Itna subah uthake khelne bhi nahi diya..
miaws: Yaar uska wallet kho gaya hai, tu chup baith ek minute)

Trying to figure out what to do, we are left clueless for some moments on the road. We even try to chase a similar looking bus to find out whether it can be recovered. After some time when we are sure that it is indeed gone, a stark reality, that all his credit and debit cards are inside it, hits him again, this time hard. He calls up the banks to lock those cards. (One of them even tries to sell him a new better card. Her argument is now that he has cancelled his card, he'd definitely need a new one! Smart one I say!)

The experience at Police Station is mixed. First at Madiwala police station we are told to go to Kormangala police station as the incident happened in it's jurisdiction. Then at Kormanagla we are told that they can neither give us FIR (as their is no crime, just loss of property) nor any assurance that it can be recovered. Moreover, the ASI urges us not to put any amount in the missing list. "Agar wallet mil bhi gaya, paisa to milna kafi mushkil hai!". It's quite clear now why there are many crimes in Bangalore city that go unreported :-)

It is already 0930 hrs and now it is not possible to go and play. So we decide to go to my friend's house in Marathalli. Not quite far, just 12-13 km from where are we now. We go to his house, have some breakfast, purchase a t-shirt at Megamart (Marathalli is quite famous for factory seconds stuff. They have quite a good collection, if your waist doesn't measure 28". For those with 28" waist and 39 cm shirt size, god is just cruel.)

Then after this, I decide to head back home to get ready before we can go to the movie in afternoon.

(mslds: Kyon? Tujhe koi ladki dekhne aane wali thee kya?
miaws: Are yaar! Mera matlab tha ke because of the initial plan of playing tennis and swimming, I am in my bad jeans and worse tshirt. Ye pehen ke Forum mein to nahi ja sakta! Samajh ja bhidu!)

The only problem is that my home is around 23-24 km from Marathalli. So after much debate, I decide to go to the movie in whatever state. Now my friend, who thinks he owes me something, offers me one of his shirts. It isn't a better idea for me, as he only uses > M t-shirts! But finally he persuades me to wear one his printed t-shirts. Not only it is quite loose on me, it has a slogan that he assures (with a snigger that I am not able to comprehend) will be a super hit in a place like Forum. And for the first time the whole day, he turns out to be quite right. The problem being it is hit with only boys and men. Not a head (belonging to males, if at all) crosses me without turning their eyes at my tshirt.

No point in going forward to describe our experience at the movie show of Kya Kool Hai Hum.

signing off,

*MSLDS = my satanic, lazy, dominating self
**MIAWS = my innocent (mslds: muhahaha), active (mslds: muhahahaha), better (mslds: abe teri to .. ye kat de .. ghar nahi jana hai kya dono pairo pe?), weeny (mslds: pehli baar sach bola) self

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

13 Things

Sometime back I read on Kiruba's blog that there is this site called 43 Things. And because I did not have anything to write about, I thought I could compile the list of the things I intend to do in my lifetime and write about it. Writing about 43 things would take quite some time and of course, quite many blog entries. So naturally it is going to increase my blogging frequency and so will it increase my blog's readers stats, I hoped. Some day it is going to make me as a top most blogger. News reporters would want to interview me. Ekta Kapoor would want to make a tv serial on it. Or better a cartoon series on Toon Disney. Or even better .....

But alas, as of now I am not able to get beyond these 13 things. Nothing much to do in life eh? :-)

signing off,