Friday, January 27, 2006


Well well well well well.

I'm not in total agreement to accept someone who has rated Style (2) at 1/5, Devdas (2) at 1.5/5, Dil Chahta Hai (4.5) at 2/5, Asoka (1.5) at 2.5/5, Lagaan (4.5) at 3/5, Garam Masala (2.5) and Rok Sako to Rok Lo (1.5) at 3/5, Kaal (1.5) and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (2) at 4/5 and Veer Zaara (3) at 5/5. (Ratings in bracket mine) For the records, I don't agree with even James Berardinelli for some of his reviews. But this guy is too much for me. His ratings just don't match with mine, barring a few obvious.

Ok, let's assume that, this Mr Adarsh is just looking at the possible box office returns.

Naaaay! I'd not bet on his ratings, even if someone bribes me with a box of Snickers.

Btw, this issue came up - whether we should accept his ratings of 2.5/5 for Rang De Basanti. I guess, I should watch movie myself and make the decision on how good/bad the movie really is. I have not yet watched it, but Mr Adarsh is not going to hold me from it.

Now that would be a real shocker for my friend dis, who knows me as the one who rejected watching movies like One Dollar Curry because of very bad reviews. But dear dis, we all have our prejudices.

signing off,

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Socha Na Tha

Have you watched a mushy love story recently which despite threatening to be made into another KJ movie having all such required ingredients, leaves you a satisfaction of watching a well made movie with especially good dialogues and hummable music? If no, then I'd recommend you to watch Socha Na Tha. And no, I am not being sarcastic. Though inexplicable at moments, it gives you a nice close-to-life account of the situation, though some might argue that such situation in itself is quite an unreality.

And btw, I'd recommend you even Tarzan the Wonder Car, being such an ardent admirer of Ayesha Takia. :-) Man that lady is damn cute!

It's a weird coincidence that I watched a movie on similar theme just last week. The Family Stone is based on the guy with a long time girlfriend who eventually does not end up marrying her. Am I trying to hint something? Well, heck no!

signing off,