Sunday, October 28, 2007

And Here Is the Boss

They say that Mt Rainier inspires each one in some ways. Indeed. How else can you explain two boys getting off their lazy bums on Saturday morning at 5:00 AM to drive about 80 mi to catch sunrise at the Reflection lake? Unfortunately while the intentions were noble, the road to Reflection lake was closed due to snow! So we just got this photo out of the whole 5 hrs trip -

Even that does inspire one, doesn't it?

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Monday, October 22, 2007

How Much Does It Cost to Bring Down a School?

Somebody please give her a ballpark figure. :-)


For more on Little Becky, visit this site.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sweet Mother of All That Is Pure

Check this out:

But where is the full screen button mommy?

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Seattle Downtown

I simply love the photogenic face of Seattle downtown. And I love my camera too.

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Stephen Colbert for President!

Let's see how far it goes :-) Kinda dream come true for many, if only he had not removed Stewart's name from the bumper sticker. Damn you Huckabee, Putin and Colber't'! But seriously, I think Stephen will not make any dent for 2008 election. But if he is serious, this can be a good experience for 2012 election.

On the topic, I am reading "I Am America" currently. It is funny, but not hilarious. I liked "America (The Book)" by Jon better than this one so far.

And MSNBC, instead of challenging Ron Paul supporters, you need to watch episodes of Poll Smoking with Dave Gorman (which sadly is removed from YouTube by ViaCom, but you can see it on ComedyCentral I think). Internet polling as it is biased, that is why you add the disclaimer about possibility of skewed results. You don't go bashing the supporters. Ever heard of the Streisand effect?

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In the Shadow of Mt St Helens

So we decided to climb Mt St Helens. Now I have already completed a trek of approximately 9 mi total distance which gained about 4300 ft in elevation. But this was task ominous any way you looked. Consider this: the summit stands at 8,363 ft above sea level. The path to it is about 5 mi which consists three parts: about 2 mi of trails through the forest, then about 1.5 mi of boulders and rocks and last but not the least remaining path largely covered with volcanic ash which is quite slippery. Then to add to the complications, on Sunday, when we decided to climb, the weather looked bad even by the Northwest standards. The day would start with freezing temperatures, high about 41 and 70% chances of rain along the day. But our platoon (squad really) was up for the task.

We stayed about 30 miles West of the Climbers Bivouac on Saturday night. Sunday early morning at about 6 AM, we set out for Jack's Restaurant, while it was still drizzling. The accident on I-5 North just across our hotel didn't do any good to our morals. The road was foggy and when we reached Jack's to collect our permits, we were not encouraged at all. See these faces, they surely don't look like happy faces, do they?

Or they do. Of course this was from previous night where we had a small impromptu party with BK burger meals and beer (I had water, as usual). I digress. Here's the photo while we prepare for the trek:

We had initially hoped that the rain might subside and we will be able to see the actual scenery around but no, it didn't. But we were able to spot few gems:

After about an hour and half, we reached this point beyond which the climbing permit is required.

I thought if we make past this board, I'd be able to justify to some extent the $22 spent on the permit :-) After a brief halt, we proceeded. But the wind and rain was too much for us. The snow on rocks had started thickening too. I will let few more photos do the talking now:

After about four hours of strenuous trek, we finally returned to the base. Look at us. Just look at us, drenched to our cores:

Now after some time we stopped at Yale Lake and I posed in my pajamas. (Refer to my previous photos for explanations)

* All photos courtesy my friend Paul (the one in red jacket).

Finally, the title is dedicated to the superb documentary called In the Shadow of the Moon. Inspiring stuff, go see it.

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