Monday, October 16, 2006


Now, if you have not watched the movie Dor yet please do so whenever you get the chance. Nagesh Kukunoor amazes again :)

(Now spoiler ahead - do not read if you haven't watched it)

A pop quiz in memory of Shreyas Talpade:

Why did Zeenat (Gul Panag) give Meera (Ayesha Takia) a hand and pulled her in the moving train?


Because when Meera gave her maafi-namaa through the window, a glance told her that that Meera had not signed it.

signing off,

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Favorites

This blog is now officially a huge fan of two very funny gentlemen named Jo(h)n Stewart (refer Geraldo Rivera episode :-)) and Stephen Colbert. I don't deny that I am sad that I missed out Seinfeld in early nineties and Daily Show in late nineties and early this decade (Aah, I was not in USA at that time, I guess :-)). But now I own Seinfeld seasons 1-6 and have kind of by-hearted it. And thanks to some really good fellows out there on, I can find a lot of current episodes posted on it. And again in spirit of sharing videos, has a lot of past episode snippets on the show as well.

So if you are politically inclined and like humor, I'd heartily recommend you to not miss The Daily Show (TDS) on Comedy Central station every Monday through Thursday at 10c/11p. And if you like Daily Show, you will most definitely appreciate its spin-off - hosted by one of the funniest alumni of TDS, Stephen Colbert - The Colbert Report, that follows TDS on the same channel. If you want to start off, check out Indecision 2000 and Indecision 2004 on youtube - those were the special shows dedicated to analyze 2000 and 2004 elections. Pure genius!

But please don't watch any of these during the office hours, even if you have a little free time off during your lunch break. Or you will be looked upon as that-crazy-guy-who-is-always-laughing. Consider yourself warned.

signing off,