Thursday, October 14, 2004

श्वास (Shwaas)

Living in Bangalore can be great (I know quite a few would beg to differ at this adjective, going by the current situation here :)) in many ways. But that does mean you are missing out on some things. One of the things I am missing is this marathi movie, Shwaas.

I am quite reluctant to watch a marathi movie, frankly. I'd prefer marathi theater over movie any day. The theater is so rich in content and talent over the movies, which in recent past have just been trying to make a quick buck. But from the responses I have got from people who have watched it, looks like it is a very well made movie. Importantly it seems, even though it is a very tragic story, it does not fall into the "make them cry and you get money" trap, a common complaint being made against marathi movies.

I'd definitely try to watch it when I go to Mumbai next week.

Also the title of this blog is in a marathi font. I can see it on my Windows XP machine without installing special fonts. Maybe you'd be able to see it also!

signing off,

Monday, October 11, 2004

Watching Dhoom

Saturday we went to watch Dhoom. In Innovative Multiplex in Bangalore. Its a ok types movie, not too good, not too bad. It seems, the movie is more famous here because it, with Bride and Prejudice has defied the 7-weeks moratorium. I don't want to discuss that at all.

I enjoyed the movie for altogether different reason. The movie showcases some of the awesome sport bikes like SUZUKI HAYABUSA 1300 and SUZUKI BANDIT 1200S. Naturally I was in full spirits when I came out and hit the road on my not-so-mean machine (Hero Honda Splendor). At night outer ring road is empty and straight and is ideal to try something like this. I couldn't resist the temptation and raced the bike hard and hit near 100 kmph. (Even that is some achievement considering I am not good at speeding). In the process I overtook some whizzing four wheelers. It was satisfying to see one trying hard to overtake me, with an astonished face, I might add.

That drive was immensely relishing!

signing off,

Thursday, October 07, 2004


Don't get disheartened. As my colleague puts it, even the last time Aussies toured India, we had lost the first test ruthlessly.

Never mind that we are heading for a severer slaughter this time.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Save rainwater and ... what?

Ok, so what? I know Indian truck drivers drive a mean (and polluting) machine, with which none can even think of competing. (Auto rickshaw comes to mind, but it lacks the intimidating colossal appearance). They even have haters in terms of other vehicle owners because they seem to ignore all common senses, traffic rules and laws apart. But one thing we all should be (and truly are) proud of, is the fact that they showcase a endless trail of encyclopaedic one liners behind them which, anyone would admit, is enriched with knowledge and entertainment alike. A feat, which somehow is missing from our education system for so long :-)

Enough of intro. Cut to scene.

Location: the infamous Hosur road in Bangalore.

Time: when everyone is rushing back home from their rosy electronic city offices to their cosy homes on this lousy road.

Now Bangalore being a cosmopolitan city, one thing you are sure to find is vehicles from other states. As usual I was dozing off while waiting indefinitely to reach my destination. The truck which stopped just besides our bus caught my attention. Not because it bore a registration number from some north Indian state or it was brimmed with some goods. But because above the registration plate, there it was! I reproduce the exact words for you. Written in some glossy font, your food for thought for the entire month:

Save Rainwater! Avoid AIDS!!

I can only sincerely hope that there is no connection whatsoever between the two.

signing off,