Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Save rainwater and ... what?

Ok, so what? I know Indian truck drivers drive a mean (and polluting) machine, with which none can even think of competing. (Auto rickshaw comes to mind, but it lacks the intimidating colossal appearance). They even have haters in terms of other vehicle owners because they seem to ignore all common senses, traffic rules and laws apart. But one thing we all should be (and truly are) proud of, is the fact that they showcase a endless trail of encyclopaedic one liners behind them which, anyone would admit, is enriched with knowledge and entertainment alike. A feat, which somehow is missing from our education system for so long :-)

Enough of intro. Cut to scene.

Location: the infamous Hosur road in Bangalore.

Time: when everyone is rushing back home from their rosy electronic city offices to their cosy homes on this lousy road.

Now Bangalore being a cosmopolitan city, one thing you are sure to find is vehicles from other states. As usual I was dozing off while waiting indefinitely to reach my destination. The truck which stopped just besides our bus caught my attention. Not because it bore a registration number from some north Indian state or it was brimmed with some goods. But because above the registration plate, there it was! I reproduce the exact words for you. Written in some glossy font, your food for thought for the entire month:

Save Rainwater! Avoid AIDS!!

I can only sincerely hope that there is no connection whatsoever between the two.

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