Thursday, October 14, 2004

श्वास (Shwaas)

Living in Bangalore can be great (I know quite a few would beg to differ at this adjective, going by the current situation here :)) in many ways. But that does mean you are missing out on some things. One of the things I am missing is this marathi movie, Shwaas.

I am quite reluctant to watch a marathi movie, frankly. I'd prefer marathi theater over movie any day. The theater is so rich in content and talent over the movies, which in recent past have just been trying to make a quick buck. But from the responses I have got from people who have watched it, looks like it is a very well made movie. Importantly it seems, even though it is a very tragic story, it does not fall into the "make them cry and you get money" trap, a common complaint being made against marathi movies.

I'd definitely try to watch it when I go to Mumbai next week.

Also the title of this blog is in a marathi font. I can see it on my Windows XP machine without installing special fonts. Maybe you'd be able to see it also!

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