Monday, December 06, 2004


Nope. I am not discussing the M Night Shyamalan's movie. I am discussing my email signatures over the years, rather over the months.

I will tell you that I am obsessed with music. I like it so much that in fact I just cannot imagine myself without my earphones any time of the day. I almost worship my favorite lyricists, vocalists, guitarists, drummers. So naturally most of my signature lines have come from these sets of people; well on second thoughts, not from drummers!

Two particular ones I remember are the most recent. "Tongue tied and twisted, just an earth bound misfit, I" by Gilmour and ".. so never mind the darkness, we still can find the way!" by Rose.

I have been fascinated by Pink Floyd from the moment I listened to them. With Barret without Barret, with Waters without Waters, I worship them. In my opinion they have written some of the beautiful lyrics to match Waters' or Gilmour's mesmerizing voice. You'd have to listen to Shine on you crazy diamond to enjoy it. The line cited above, though is not from Shine on you crazy diamond. It is a Watersless Floyd creation. From album A Momentary Lapse of Reason, the song is Learning to Fly. If you get to watch the video of the song, please don't miss the chance. It is quite colorful and almost makes you long to fly. But not like the young man depicted there. That'd either be insanely suicidal or inexplicably miraculous!

The second one is from artists whose oeuvre, though rock, is quite different from Floyds. They rely on hoarse voice, heavy electric guitars and less than subtle drums. They too have their large followings. One being me. I used to kind of dislike Guns N Roses at beginning. Because of, to a certain extent, MTv. They never got tired of showing November Rain and Sweet Child o Mine virtually endless times and I got bored in first two/three attempts. But when I listened to more songs by them, esp Estranged and Civil War, I kinda became their fan. This particular line comes from their smash hit November Rain. It is an amazingly positive ending to a song which goes through quite ups and downs.

So here they are. Two of my favorite lines. If I change my sig, I'd love to discuss it here too.

signing off,

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