Friday, August 12, 2005

Irony? Nay!!

You know what was the first thing that I did when I arrived in US on last Sunday? Apart from stepping out of the Boing 777, coming out of airport, booking a cab, arriving at Federal Way at around 12 PM, finding that the hotel cannot let me in before 3 PM, because they don't have the vacancies, dumping my luggage at the reception, going out for quick bite, having a foot long Sub-Way sandwich and a large Pepsi, coming back to find my manager waiting at the hotel to pick me up and take me to his home for lunch?

Well, I watched Swades at his house. Yep. The same Shahrukh Khan movie in which he quits his lucrative job in US and goes back to India.

Shame, isn't it? :D

signing off,

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