Friday, September 09, 2005


Ever since I became a programmer (don't fret, it ain't nothing bad!), I had a small dream, of visiting Microsoft, some way or other. Thanks to my friend in Redmond who is working for MS, it came true this long weekend. It was indeed memorable, not exactly as I'd have liked, but for our visits to the two floors in a building - fifth and fourth.

For a moment when C, my friend, after exiting 405 (or it might have been 520, as it is, I am bad at road names, so don't expect anything better in road numbers) drove me towards some deserted streets I thought he was taking me his home. Then he crossed a signal and took right turn and said, this is Microsoft. I was not obviously prepared for this! Man I was at Microsoft office! Then he drove me to his office, showed things around and we went home. Nothing memorable in this, if you are thinking what bakwaas nku is writing.

Then we went to an Indian restaurant - Kanishka, to have some good food. C's friend V, who was with us for dinner, offered us invitation to play. I agreed and we decided to meet at the office again. Me n C left for office after some more loitering. It was a clear night for playing too, I thought. We entered the building and realized C did not know where to go. He took a gamble and set for fifth floor remembering someone had mentioned number 5 sometime. The fifth floor was obviously the wrong one. The first look told us that. But he said let me show you around. And while we roamed there, the big brother somewhere had noticed us. Because suddenly a security guard sprang from nowhere and asked us our IDs. I did not have any of course. So he took down my name from my debit card. And ordered us to leave. While leaving it occurred to C that all the security was because their biggest boss must sit on the fifth floor!! To think of it, I was so close to catch just a glimpse of his office! I cursed my luck for ruining the chance. But at least his floor, nonetheless, I consoled myself!

Now we go to the fourth floor which is our destined place. And here it is. The second dream (for a gaming addict like me) come true in a single night. The XBox! Too much I say! It has a big 42" screen TV attached to it and I can actually play with joysticks, which I have not done since we broke our Nintendo after playing games like Tournament Fighter and Aladin and Nemo during school days. We don't play as much here, because we have to go out tomorrow morning at 10 and it is already 11:30 PM. We just have a dash at Halo 2 and leave the place.

For the 3 days leave I had, I could have gone anywhere in US if I had planned a little bit more. But only for these two hours or so, I am happy I chose Redmond!

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