Monday, October 10, 2005

Rok Sako to Rok Lo or What?

Some happenings close to home:
  1. There is a management institute called IIPM
  2. JAM magazine does a fact research about the IIPM's tall claims:
  3. A blogger, Gaurav Sabnis, backs it: fraud-that-is-iipm.html
  4. Gaurav gets a legal notice from the IIPM: im-disconnecting-my-cable-connection.html
  5. JAM mag editor, Rashmi Bansal, defends: lies-damned-lies-and-fake-blogs.html and she is spammed with, rather uncivilized, comments from so called IIPM students and alumni.
  6. Because of some very bizarre threats to Gaurav's employer, IBM, from IIPM, he calls it quit by his own choice: update.html
  7. Desipundit and another bloggers condemn the act: lies-damned-lies-and-fake-blogs/

It might seem to some, that money can buy you everything. But it cannot ever buy you self esteem. Not definitely after what those guys have resorted to with the fake bloggers and ridiculous acts. Even if IIPM were at par with other institutes as they have claimed, in this situation it looks like they will have to try real hard to get back the credibility, if at all there was one.

And in case someone is reading this, these views are entirely my own and nothing to do with my employer, girl-friend, parents, goldfish, laptop or bicycle.

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