Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Nevada Song

I am listening to the remixed version of the song "Ye Wada Raha" performed by Vaishali Samant (rememberd more for it's video featuring three scantily clad women in pink (*drools for a moment before typing anything further) during the good old days when the music videos had not fully lost their sanctity). My boss is kinda curious to know what the heck do I listen to all day. So he demands to hand over the earphones.

For few moments he tries hard to make out anything of those hindi words. Then he exclaims suddenly, "Ooh, ooh! (He likes to say this a lot. Other favorite being yada yada yada) I think I just recognized one word. Do you know Nevada is also a state in US?"

I am perplexed. "Nevada?!"

Then it dawns on me - the chorus is, "Ye wada, ye wada, ye wada ..."


Btw, the second most difficult thing to do when you are at client's place would be to attend the vendor meeting. Each one of your team-mates is blasting the vendors for not meeting targets. You think you can be little more demanding too. But then you realize you yourself are a vendor for the client. :-) So suddenly you find yourself sympathizing with the vendor for these unreliastic targets you are asking them. It's a delicate act, I recommend you to at least experience it sometime.

The most difficult thing has to be wake up and reach office at 8:00. In all these months I am here, I must have come to office at 8 not more than four times, three incidents out of which were during my first week in US, when I was under a strong jet-lag. In my next appraisal, I am definitely getting at least a Needs Improvement on timeliness.

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