Saturday, April 29, 2006

Integrity? Hmm.

Let's say you go to 7-11, purchase some snickers worth of $7.99 and give a $10 bill. The store assistant gives you $1.01 back. I can bet a quarter that you are prompt in making him realize he owes you a dollar more. But what if he gives you $3.01 back? Do you keep it or do you give the extra dollar back? Does your hand falter even for a moment before giving it back? Or does it falter while slipping that extra dollar in your wallet?

Integrity, as my friend used to say, is something like wearing a helmet while you are riding a bike. If you are just on the way to the neighborhood bakery for a quick snack which is at most quarter of a mile away, you usually dismiss wearing helmet, as, "What the heck", you think, "you will not be gone that far."

But, how far it does have to be before you wear your helmet?

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