Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Home Alone - IV

I am back to being alone at home for more than ten consecutive days for the fourth time. I am sure, I can beat Macaulay Culkin at least now.

I kinda like being alone. It is boring as hell, but it has its advantages. Mostly you can get up whenever you want to get in bathroom could have been the reason. But since we have two bath, I gotta come up with something else. Wait, wait. I can watch any channel on TV. Mostly it is TBS and that is what I watch when my roomie is here anyways. Yeah, I know, I can cook whatever I want. Man, this cannot be the reason - cooking takes almost all of my free minutes when I do it alone.

Damn, I hate being alone at home.

But I find solace in fact that this is much better than the two times I was alone in Bangalore for about two months each time. At least now I have the idiot box and my latest and probably most coveted DVD collection - Seinfeld. As it turns out now, I am not alone. I am with Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer. :-)

signing off,

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