Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lage Raho Munnabhai!

After that poor excuse for a movie sequel called Phir Hera Pheri, I was really not ready for this. But Lage Raho Munnabhai far exceeded my expectations being such a well executed movie. You never are bored for more than three minutes at a time during the whole time. It does not let you to even think of getting bored when Circuit and Munna are raining cats, dogs, frogs, bulls, professors, doctors and builders everywhere. And this with the messages lauding non-violence and truth - very subtly put in many of the sequence. Don't miss the way the teacher handles the government babu who is out there just to be bribed. Or the guy who says sorry to other tenant at whose door he tends to spit a lot. Or Jimmy Sheregil's moment with Parikshit Sahni. Or the way Boman Irani breaks down at the end. It does go a little over the top for a brief period, but luckily Hirani brings it back to close with panache.

I also liked it for the stand it takes on astrology and numerology. I am not the best advocate you will find to promote such things. So I really laughed out loud as if Lucky Singh uttered my own sentiments when he ridiculed multiple Ks and birthtime shtuff. Really, a cleverly written script can bring such joys to one's lone evenings.

One cannot say anything other than, "Lage raho Hirani, Sanjubaba, Arshad and Vinod Chopra!"

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GolbGuru said...

The new 'blog archive' is cool, have you shifted to the new blogger version or something ?

nku said...

Yep man, I switched to Blogger 2.0 beta version or something like that. The invite was in my inbox for a couple of weeks, before I decided to switch over.

But now I can't get to work my older template stuff, like links, javascripts for Haloscan comments and Google Analytics :( So still working on that.

GolbGuru said...

finally saw the movie, the uncanny part of it happened to be 2nd October when I saw it. Thats bizzare.

Mandar said...

dude, u too went the beta way !
lost all the comments !

i bought mazda 626, yr: 2000, 74K miles for $4500.

nku said...

Golbguru -
Nice to hear that! It is a good movie, more than anything makes you laugh at the end of the day. Not like with some comedies I know, where you end up laughing at them, not with them. (Good sentence, I copied it from Vishal Patel of fame)

Mandar -
I have not lost the comments, they are still available at Haloscan. I just need a way to link these two now :)
Mazda is nice car. Good luck driving! Hope your experiences in Penn state are better than what you described in one of your yesteryear's blogs at the place you used to stay last time you were here.

Invincible said...

what is good @ this beta?
I dont want to switch over. It's one of the few google bites that hasn't impressed me.

Thanks dude.
Last time's exp, the one u r talking was my driving test :). No test this time. I just renewed my lincese.
You still finding luck with ur car deal?