Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Happiest Place on Earth

Now it is a norm that there is a rain (or a storm, snow or a developing tornedo) wherever I go. Seattle in Sep 05 (Duh!), LA in Oct 05, Philly and DC in Jan 06, Raliegh NC in Sep 06 and now Anaheim CA in Nov 06. And now we are having this Arctic blast in WA state, one of the worst patches in recent Northwest history, causing heavy snow storms and temperatures in teens in Federal Way! What is the deal with this North American weather and me?

Meanwhile, with your indulgence, here are few snaps of me posing with the celebrities I met during this Thanksgiving weekend. Check them out -

signing off,


Golbguru said...

Awesome dude! that looks like one fun thanksgiving.:)

The last one is Shamu?

nku said...

Yeah that one is Shamu. Indeed it was a dream come true for me :) I have been a big fan of Good Morning Disney you see :)

golbguru said...

You guys don't write as often as you did sometime back (I am talking of you and Invincible)...just plain bored of blogging?

nku said...

2005 was my best year man :)

Nah, I dunno. Not that I have not tried. For a few hundred times, I had started writing something, erased it, didn't like it, didn't want to write it, had controversy written all over it. No output finally :) I wish, especially when I read those archieves, that I could write with as much gusto as last year.

Don't know about invinci. He's busy I guess.

Golbguru said...

I am assuming that you have guessed my identity by now. :)

tmww said...

You have big palms. :)
Is your father taller than you? Thats when people have big palms.

It is with me too.... more or less.