Thursday, January 25, 2007

Go Green?

I am an avid listener of a our local debate show called 'The Ron and Don Show'. It's kinda like 'Hannity & Colmes'. Or had it been more sarcastic, like 'Even Stephven' from yore.

So back to the point. Today they were discussing, like everyone and their grandmothers, on feasibility of us going green in the near future. After Don made all those patriotic (terror-free gas), genial and humanitarian (global warming, think of your grandchildren) points, he claimed people of Puget Sound may not mind spending 50¢ extra for all those points he mentioned. He said, as people don't mind paying a little extra for pesticide-free organic food, the idea can be extended to environment-friendly green gas.

Good thinking. But as Ron said in countering, and I think so too, the "green-gas" may not be as cheap. Ron quoted a study which says, people may be ending up paying $10/gal for going green/terror-free if one takes into account the supply of domestic oil, globally declining oil reserves, limitations on supply of hybrid cars as other sector is still very profitable (may be not Ford Motor).

And simply put, a common man/woman with average income and family to feed may not be in position to afford that kind of hike in his/her monthly gas expenses. Maybe let us not jump on the gaswagon. Going live on small scale is the key.

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