Friday, July 20, 2007

Two Launches

Take it from me, you been part of a really, really fortunate generation. How else can you explain this - within a space of three weeks, we are witnessing two greatest product launches ever (and by ever I mean since June 07). First the iPhone and tonight, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I plan to go to our neighborhood Borders store just to see all the hoopla. For the records I had also driven ~15 mi in the torrential rains to our nearby Apple store to check out the iPhone. But unfortunately I had told the 'Apple Genius' that I was there to resolve an issue with my Macbook. So he allowed me in without standing in 'the line' outside, but also directed me to the remotest corner inside the store farthest from any iPhone :-) So I could not even touch it!

But back to Harry da Puttar, I am as excited as anybody to find out how the series ends. Especially after HBP which is a perfect stage for the grand series finale. Unless of course, Rowling pulls off a Lucas or a Wachowski. :-)

So there you go, my second post in two part series of the Potter posts. Happy reading!

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