Friday, November 12, 2004


Recently we have shifted our base from BTM Layout to Banashankari. For the uninitiated, it is equivalent to shifting from Kurla to Worli. Or from Thiruvanmiyur to T Nagar. Or from Kothrud to Sadhashiv Peth. (My analogies have to end here, as I have not stayed in quite many cities!). And assume that your office is in Mhape or Shollinganallur or Aundh respectively. So while it means that we have shifted a bit towards the main city, that also means we have shifted a bit away from our office!

But the place is quite nice. It is quite opposite to our old house which was shady, dark with poor ventilation and all. It is fully furnished. The area is also good enough, with a good enough udipi restaurant (to replace The Udipi Garden) nearby. But nothing to replace The Friends or Idlipur or Appamghar. Or maybe I haven't searched enough yet.

As of now, I am the only one enjoying new house as both of my roommates are out of Bangalore. So feeling quite home alone types. (Actually on one particular day, because of some keys mismatch, I was indeed stranded home alone for quite some time! But don't want to tell that story to you. Seems I've been making fool of myself quite number of times in recent past!!)

More about Banashankari later.

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