Friday, April 15, 2005

Bloodshed of Two Different Kinds

Today has not been a good day. At least not for the Indian stock markets and for the Indian cricket team. Both have been slaughtered by enemies called Q4 results and Shahid Afridi.

Of course this is a time of Q4 results and people (read all tv business experts) were expecting this to be a little bearish period on markets. But no body did think it yesterday that it would hit it so hard. Sample this: Sensex down by some 220 points, Nifty down by 70 odd. Infosys itself is down by 145 points! Indeed quite harsh.

Speaking of harsh reality, Rahul Dravid would now realize it much better. He himself played well with Kaif and batting first we managed 250 on a wicket which has a record of low scores. At lunch he would have thought it was a fighting score. Unfortunately he did not account for Afridi. He blasted everyone on field without showing mercy. 100 of 46 balls usually means it is a piece of cake for rest of Pakistani team to achieve the target. And indeed it turned out to be child's play for them.

Now all I can do is to hope that the market and the team recover soon to come back strongly.


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