Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Having lost someone I didn't even know, because of none his faults, is a strange feeling. There was an accident yesterday night involving a mechanical failure of one of our company shuttles while heading home, which resulted in the shuttle falling into a ditch on Hosur Road which proved fatal to one of it's travellers and inflicting injury to many others. Looks like, contrary to usual belief, it was none of the driver's fault, save he could have got the tyres checked up regularly.

What pains me was the fact that other shuttles en route to the same destination, did not even stop or slow down to help those victims. They all seemed in a hurry to reach somewhere.

That brings me to the question I was discussing with dis just day before yesterday while heading home. Why are we in such a hurry? Why is each one of us is heading at their unknown destinations with such breakneck pace that one does not even have a time to stop by? Not even to help someone - In this case that someone could have been his project mate, someone sitting next to you for more than half a day, someone who you share your lunch with, someone who stands by each time your code does not work! I frankly donot know. And I am sure not many from those zooming shuttles knew this anyways.

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