Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Take a look at the picture in the right hand side frame in the 'About Me' section. Can you see it? Good. That means your vision is not affected.

If you enlarge it, you may find me lying there nearby a boy and wondering why on earth someone would want to take his snap.

- The Rock, December 2002.

Prologue (from nku): The text above is a part of the very short autobiography of the rock on the Viewpoint (as it is called in those circles) which is on the way to Munnar, Kerala; as told to the boy in the picture. Complete book is ready now, but no one is keen on publishing it (reading the lines above, I have little doubts as to why). So he contacts me because he has heard that I am a rock fan. So I allow him to write something here.

Epilogue: I give this guy the publicity amongst my 2 readers for which he waited almost 3 years and he is wondering about my photos? Genuine admee ki kuchh value hi nahi hai yaha pe!

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