Tuesday, July 26, 2005

How Could She Kill Him!!

How could JKR have killed such an important character in the Half Blood Prince? I mean he was not such an important character in many of the previous books, but I am sure in the 7th book that would have made a surprise element and imagine reading through an interesting duel between Voldemort and him. Of course Voldemort would have killed him anyway then, but just imagine what plot that could have brewed. She has lost an immense opportunity for herself I'd say.

But at least I am happy for Ron - he need not be afraid again of him, and for his sons and daughters - at least they can eat whatever and indeed whoever they want now. I hope one of them succeeds in eating Percy. Or maybe some death eater if they can take a bit of Felix Felicis. Or maybe even Harry Potter or Voldemort if they gulp the entire bottle.

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