Friday, November 04, 2005

Exciting Times Are Ahead!

Tank: Goddamn, I...I gotta tell you, I'm fairly excited to see what you're capable of, if Morpheus is right and all...We're not supposed to talk about this, but if you are...Damn, it's a very exciting time. We got a lot to do, lets get to it..

And so am I excited. For the next office release, whenever it might happen. Just stumbled upon this blog today and boy, it does look good! :-) Especially, "sort by, group by, filter by color" options! I have spent some of my billable time coding for that. Thank god, they realized that it can be someone's need!

Btw, it is not too difficult you see. Like a makeshift code that I wrote, you could insert a dummy column besides the one you want to sort, populate respective cell's colors in the dummy column, sort the dummy column and delete it! I know it is not a very efficient way of coding, but what the heck, it works and I don't have to spend a penny to purchase any add-in!

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