Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rollo Tomassi

Doesn't he give you a creep? He commits a crime, and then he escapes because he has all the right connections. Btw, many are benefited because he escapes and no one is really happy to see Rollo punished. Not Sid, not Patchett nor anyone else. Well, except maybe Jack or Ed or Bud. And not that they are taintless fellows themselves. They have had their own interests in doing so. The only people who really affected are those guys in Night Owl who just got shot because they were at wrong place at wrong time.

And that is how sounds the story of late Ms Jessica Lall. Let her soul rest in peace. I am rather dejected by the sound of submission of her sister's comments. Now should she join IAS? Police force? Politics? Whatever she does, Rollo goes on and on.

signing off,


Anonymous said...

Did you write that post in a language other than English, such as Croatian or Hungarian and then use a translation tool to convert it to English?

I get the jist of what you're attempting to say but trying to understand what you wrote in detail requires mental gymnastics.

I apologize for being blunt, but you have butchered the English langunage, my friend. Butchered it and made seem as incomprehensible and unnatractive as a stone-blind drunk on his 3rd bottle of Thunderbird for the night.

nku said...

I wish I could say something funny here, like I wrote this as a entry in 'Bad English Writing' contest. But alas, I can't. Thanks for inputs. I will try to improvise :)