Friday, March 16, 2007


I am a big fan of /. The nerds there sometime can get on you, but sometimes you stumble upon a real gem, such as this - (I quote mi from this discussion)

In short, you have to remember, that you (an administrator) exist for the benefit and convenience of these people, not the other way around. So if they want to be able to access their webmail, you must have a much better reason than "you may get a virus" to deny it to them.

I bet, more productivity is lost, when an employee brings in flu and half the office gets sick. But no one is advocating forcing people to take vitamin C and wear scarves, right?..

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invincible said...

some of the comments there took me some time to digest.

I liked 'mi's arguement so i read few counter, counter-counter arguements. Then i stumbled upon Eileen Feiss apple switcher add.
and so on ..

Golbguru said...

Is it me or the discussion sort of started diverging from the subject after a couple of replies. :)

I should be following /. more often....somehow, I find it too geeky for my tastes. :)

nku said...

Golbguru - Yeah, and that is one of the reasons it put me away for some time too. Even now I don't follow all the stuff, but just the topics that I like.

invinci: The way I do it is read the comments with score 3 or more. The scores = elitism, so use it with your own caution.

tmww said...

ditto golbguru. :)
/. is too geek for my tastes.

I go through mixed feelings when I open such a page.