Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Emerald City

It can and does get better than this, but for now I love the photo. This was during our Bremerton to Seattle ferry on that laid back Saturday afternoon, when for once, we did not have rain.

signing off,


Golbguru said...

Dude..nice snap. It does look like stitched in a panorama mode. EOS magic eh..? :)

nku said...

Yeah, it is stitched in a panorama mode. Maybe if I'd have worked a little harder, I could have been able to remove those seams. Maybe next time.

invincible said...

Nice snap.
I was wondering @ the reach of ur camera till i saw the seam.

@ cricket - i think Aus vs SL will be interesting to watch. Honestly i dont want SL to win. Let's see how it goes