Friday, June 29, 2007


एकानं मला काल विचारलं - उद्या काय आहे माहीत आहे?

मी खूश! जून एकपासून अगदी ज्या उत्साहात होतो, शेवटच्या दिवशी एकजण भेटला त्या विषयावर बोलायला. उद्या ना? iPhone येतोय!!

त्याने माझ्याकडे "भो पामरा! कसे होणार तुझे?" असं बघितलं आणि म्हणाला, "अरे उद्या सिएटल मधे बृहन महाराष्ट्र मंडळाचं संमेलन आहे. येतोयस ना?"

येतो मग,


tmww said...


इथे iphone चं fever अजिबात नव्हतं. पण मलाही तो फोन हातात घेण्याची उत्सुकता आहे.
ads बघितल्या त्यांच्या संकेत-स्थलावर. त्यांच्या background music वर फिदा झालो !
so simple yet so striking!
i like!

golbguru said...

lol .. :)

tmww: it's simple and yet so striking, but it's goddamn expensive. :)

btw, tumhi lok marathi kase type karta?

nku said...

tmww: For the time being, I plan to satisfy my lust (there is no other word for it) by visiting my neighborhood Apple shop and handling it :-) I was there on the evening of 29th, in line waiting (Actually I was there for getting my free printer with MacBook, that's story for another day) Then again I went there on Sunday with another friend!

Man it looks b-e-a-utiful.

golbguru: Let me say that again. It's GODDAMN EXPENSIVE! And we type in Marathi using Blogger's devnagari support (More I have also installed Marathi IME ( on the laptop, so I can also type in Marathi that way.

nku said...

Btw, tmww, "संकेतस्थळ"? काय झालं रं गड्या तुला?

And one point I missed in last comment, that's the thing I like about Steve Jobs and Apple. Simplicity. It is like George Costanza devising the plan for "The Switch" (If you don't know this, search the Wiki for 'The Switch' and read the entire section Quotes).

tmww said...

unicode pangu, sanket sthal, ...
its time we create boli-bhaashetale shabd.

kadachit malaa hech saangayache asel. :)

and yeah.. Simplicity!!