Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Daddy's Better than Yours

If you follow the Indian music industry overall (not just one particular regional songs), you tend to observe a thing. Usually when a song is "dubbed" from "the other language", there are comparisons made by the music zealots and people sitting on bench outside the saloon alike about which version is better. Most of the times it leads to nothing but a feverish regional debate and accusing each other of "stealing" the stuff. I thought, in the Western World, having the concept of "covering the song", the bickering would be minimal. But every now and then I am proved wrong.

Case in point, the song "Bringin' on the Heartbreak" by Def Leppard and its cover by Mariah Carey. Now I understand that each person has their own music taste and entitled for an opinion, but the comments on youtube video on both songs were getting pretty nasty. There was a gentleman (or a lady, no way to tell from the user name), who was calling a Carey fan by names that shall not get airtime on this blog. Then there was one lady (or might have been Chris Crocker) who was defending Carey by calling a Leppard fan "mean hearted" and asked him to leave Carey alone. Pretty amusing :-) If you ask my opinion, Def Leppard's version simply rocked. Man! What riffs!! What vocals!!! I have never liked Mariah Carey anyways, and this does not make me start liking her anymore than I should have liked Celine Dion after the whole "You shook me all night long" incident :-)

And for the record, I will not listen a single bad word against a song cover called "The Man Who Sold the World" by a certain someone named Kurt Cobain and his little known band Nirvana. If you are a big Bowie fan, go back to your mom's basement and listen to him. My dad is way better than yours.

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