Thursday, May 22, 2008

Business Communication

Using incorrect grammar is considered sign of progression these days. One thing that I have observed is the managers in my organization tend to drop "I" or "We" from all sentences. And the sentences will invariably end with "ASAP". Their email would read something like this,
Request you to go through the LLD and revert back ASAP. Request you to fill the timesheet ASAP. [sic]
The bad usage of English language is not limited to the PHBs though. The other day I received this email from the developer who shall remain anonymous,
Access give only on *** database servers. *** DB and VSS yet to provide access. I will let you know about this.

No one have access to *** servers, Cannot logon *** servers, its just given for information.

Hope you able to logon all *** database servers. Please confirm. [sic]
Believe it or not, this guy has about 8-9 years of experience in my organization. I bet he knows a lot more stuff than many of us do; I cannot help but wonder why he is just a developer. I think I know why.

signing off,


P K Phadnis said...

Everybody is in a hurry now-a-days. Who has got itme to write full sentences? Writing good English (or any other language, for that matter) is passe.

nku said...

Agreed! But when they bring your spelling mistake that you did earlier in the year in the performance review session, you wonder how are they accountable and what is the whole point if everyone is using shorthand.

I for one am an advocate of writing the full sentence, but again I understand that not everybody can. So even tho i cn read sumthng like dis, I prefer to reply like this.