Friday, January 28, 2005

Brothers in Arms

My brother and sister were here in Bangalore this week. We had a good time together. It's been almost 4 months since we last met and had fun. But we did it this time, mainly because as no one had offices to go to. :-)

Usually when I go to Mumbai, they do not get as many days off, so we just end up settling for couple of days of roaming around. But this time we had total 4 days for us. We went to Mysore on Republic Day, wandered on M.G. Road, Brigade Road, went bowling to Amoeba (in which I beat them comprehensively - he ha ha ha ha), played judgement and 5-3-2 for a long time - in fact we were at home for a full day playing cards! And to settle scores, they beat me in cards comprehensively! We also went to Lalbaugh to watch flower show (- that reminded me of our very own flower show we used to have in our college.) We also celebrated my bro's b'day, which was on 24th, on 23rd night. We did not wait till midnight though. We were all feeling very sleepy that day!

Let me hope their stay was enjoyable all the way. At least my 4 days have been very good. Already started missing them!

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