Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Of Lies and ...

Why do people lie? Well, don't ask me! Or I'll have to invent one :-)

Frankly I don't know. Looks like, at times, when truth might effect in pain or unnecessary inquisitiveness, people prefer less demanding lies. I was wondering about the repercussions our lies have on our lives and of those surrounding us. Some times it might turn out to be nothing. You lie or tell the truth, it may just be the same. But some seemingly innocuous lies or indeed even some truths may have more persisting effects than you can ever imagine.

Just for example, when I was a kid, we had gone to visit one of my dad's colleague when he was hospitalized. This probably was my first trip to hospital. Well, second, if you consider the real first one had been when I was born. Ok, bad joke! To get on with story, I asked my dad why uncle was there lying on bed with so many needles piercing his arms. Because I was so young, my dad thought I might not understand what appendices are and it may not be wise to tell me the truth. So he invented that uncle was there because he had eaten a hair by mistake and he is there so that doctors would remove it from his stomach. I believed that story. So much so, that even today after so many years I nearly get hysterical if I swallow hair by mistake.

Worth pondering about?

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