Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Yesterday I blabbered something about forwards. Here I get one more. It is about what my birth month is supposed to mean. Being in a benign mood today, I scrolled through my charateristics. Most of it, though is usual forward stuff, like I'm intelligent and clever (hear, hear!!), I show anger easily and so on. Suddenly, a point caught attention of my otherwise careless senses. Spendthrift. Who me? Come on da! You must be joking!!

But then, when I look back at those 4 jeans (3 Flying Machines, a Wrangler), 2 formal shirts (Excaliber, Van Heusen), 2 formal trousers (Blackberry), a T-Shirt (Globus), a shoe (Lee Cooper), a formal shoe (Red Tape), a sandal (Bata), some books (I lost count, but some of the new ones are - Calvin and Hobbes - An Authorotative Guide, Sum of All Fears, Best of Busybee - 2 volumes, Best of R K Narayan, Merrian-Webster's dictionary) I have bought in a short timespan - less than last 3 months, I had to agree, for once, with this forward.

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