Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Having watched Black last weekend, a few stray things come to mind. (Busybee styled? Probably!) Here they are:

1. It is a superlative cinema making experience, rarely seen in bollywood. People claim maybe SLB was targeting Oscar, which might explain the movie's short length, no songs and so on. But this trend is not new to us, is it Ramu?

2. The performances SLB achieves out of each one of his cast is simply marvelous. The last time I saw an awesomely portrayed child artist was Anjali. Ayesha Kapoor is the most impressive in the movie.

3. AB, thankfully, is not playing a police officer or an army chief. Last year saw him in uniforms for an obscenely large number of times. But not anymore. He essays Debraj Sahay with panache.

5. Another highlight would be Rani Mukherji, who, I think has a lot of potential still untapped. Some people think she has reached her highest with Michelle, but don't get surprised if she manages to surpass even her.

6. We can say our movie making are state-or-the-art affair too. Forget clumsy editing, patchy cameraworks. Bollywood cinema has really evolved.

7. Thanks SLB for making such a movie. Even if Black's collection at box office may not mark it as a hit or something similar, it is really a gem of an art.

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