Friday, February 04, 2005

Exercise 30 Min a Day (!)

The basic thing you need to understand is that I am not a fitness buff. At all. Rest of the post is based on this assumption, so if you do not agree to it, you may navigate to some other site right away.

For years and months, I have just somehow managed to get through the routine without putting my body in too much trouble. As of now, my daily exercise includes the walk from my cubicle to canteen for lunch and (if I stay back late, owing to fact that when there are no direct buses to my home) the walk from the bus-stop to home. And it does sum to 30 min (±15 min), I am damn sure.

I very well remember two lone incidents in my life where I was dragged into someone else's fitness regime. One was when I was in Mumbai, after my BE examination. Because of some inexplicable enthusiasm of people like me, my brother, his classmate and our neighbor, we used to go to a gym every night (don't you dare defend that 5:15 AM is a day) and used to work out for an hour and a half. And to everyone's astonishment, we did not miss a single day. That was till, after about 3 months or so, on one fine day everyone felt an equally inexplicable longing for laziness. And we were prompt to switch to less demanding sleep till 9 o'clock.

Next one was a quite recent venture, just the last year. It was when my room-mate started having trouble seeing himself in the mirror completely without having to shift sideways. Suddenly there was a collective need for jogging and I obliged as a moral supporter. Interestingly this time too, the stint lasted only about three months.

Looks like again I am in the same mood to start this 3-months course to get fit. My new room-mate has already booked me for the new gym that is coming up in our office (it is the opposite probably). Let's see how things go this time.

And finally, for those who need an extra push for working out, there is a good reason why you should exercise at least 30 min a day. Much amusing it is than what I have blabbered so far. Here it is.

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