Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Wish You the Same!

The world is not a small place. And there are quite a people living in it. India alone has a huge share of 1 B+ of world population. And there are only 365 days in a year. (Don't get rather technical and say it is 365¼). Analyze these facts and you may not wonder that someone else you know is sharing your birthday. But why it has been that in all the classes I attended of about 60 people, the day turned out to be 9th Feb always?

It started in my school. A friend of mine, whose real birthday was unknown to many of us, used to celebrate it on 9th Feb. Come engineering college and there were two more to share my birthday. Come to corporate world and, yes, there is someone I know who shares the D-Day. It has been really amazing. No two people from any of my class shared the birthdays, as long as it was not on 9th Feb. :-) So amongst my friends, I am one of the very few, who has always got to say 'Same to You!' when wished 'Many many happy returns of the day!'. :-)

Anyways, for now 'Happy Birthday nku, SP, RP, TG!' Enjoy your day.

(On second thoughts, it is kinda weird when you wish yourself! :D)

signing off,

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