Friday, February 11, 2005

Where Do I Belong to?

(Haven't been there yet, but I am sure that) In America I would definitely be a proud Indian.
In Tamilnadu I suddenly remember songs like 'Jai Jai Maharashtra Majha'.
In Pune I wonder why all cities are
not like Mumbai.
In Chinchpokli I think there is no place better located than Kurla.
In Kurla (W) I brag about Nehru Nagar.
When compared to other buildings, I think #2 is the best one.
At top floors, I don't feel as cozy as I do on ground floor.
In our hall, I think our veranda is the place to be.

I think it all depends on your perception, the answer to this question.

In the end, each one of us is just an earthling to a martian.

signing off,

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