Sunday, September 19, 2004

Bulls and Bears

After a recent IPO release by TCS - one of India's software giants, there has been sudden call for interest in the stock market business here. Just the other day, I got involved in a discussion on equities.

Note that till now my knowledge in share trading had been limited to one five marks problem in high school Maths exam. And my interest in this business is quite low. I don't understand quite many things in business what these people find intriguing. So when they were telling me about what these companies are offering and at what price it may close, at first I was quite disconnected (unconcerned would be more apt). But after two/three similar sessions I kind of developed interest in it. Let me try this one too, I thought.

So one day, I was assigned task to buy some shares at dip. I looked at the graph previous day, and extrapolated that it would be nearing trough at around 12-12:15 PM. I looked at the price at 12, subtracted 0.5 from it, and ordered to buy it. Now what I did not realize is no two days are equal in the market. And that was the day for this particular company. Maybe some bad news was out or something, but it decided not to go in bullish phase after the dip. It kept doing down and down, even when I was back from my lunch! At the end of the day, it recovered a bit, but just a bit.

Thus my first stint at stock market was kind of a let down. My friend is still trying to break even from my buys!

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Anonymous said...

I like the way you put forward your thoughts nku, Especially the subtle sense of wit n humour in the passage.Good going!!