Monday, September 13, 2004

Rules? Not for me..

I am not in the greatest of moods today. I'll tell you why.

The very first thing in morning I happened to watch was an accident on the main road. Just the case of negligence or arrogance or disregard for rules or harakiri whatever you like to term it. A small van is driving rashly and trying to overtake a bus at a crowded signal. Inevitable happens and it crashes into bus. There is a huge row between two drivers and it further worsens traffic jam. The vehicles behind them are stuck, they are honking relentlessly as if the world is going to end if they don't move and its utter chaos.

Next scene is from my organization. They have Speed Limits zone, No Horn zone. But people seem to think the signs are for others and keep speeding to 50-60 in the small stretch of around 300 m. Also they keep the used coffee cups on benches/windowsills/staircases when there are requests not to do so. They have their lunch on lawn and litter it where there are signs advising not to do so. Even after numerous requests and mails. And if that is the scene in one of India's top companies which showcases (self proclaimed) hugely talented and supremely educated bunch of elite citizens, one can hardly imagine things getting better outside.

But come to think of it, the scenes are better outside at times. Chances are that you'd find more courteous and rules-abiding person in so called poor and lower middleclass areas of city, than in the posh sleek areas. This class of people have become lethargic towards rules, in my opinion. But I also know very well they will not litter their houses. Or they will not do break lanes when they go abroad where they would be fined heavily. It's just when we come out in public, this tendency prevails. We are so much used to ignore rules, it seems the most natural and obvious thing to do. Jump signal, shift lanes, break speed limits, bribe officials, litter workspace, spit on pavements, ignore signs of Don't do .. man .. who cares?

I am totally flabbergasted to say least. Everything I learnt about Civics in school goes for a toss in real world.

I remember in my college years for some group discussion, I was involved in a debate on this topic called "Indians: successful individually, failure collectively". Who me?

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