Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ganapati bappa morya!

Its Ganesh Chaturthi tomorrow. Lord Ganesh is one of the deities worshipped by Hindu community. I won't say he is the mightiest god or something like that. But if there is ever an opinion poll on the most likeable and friendly god, Ganapati should win overwhelmingly!

All over my childhood, I was fascinated by Him. I think growing up in Mumbai was predominantly catalytic for it. You could not have stayed in Mumbai for Ganesh Chaturthi and possibly missed the sheer enthusiasm of the festival. Even in heavy rains or August/September and clogged roads. People usually celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi for 1 ½ days, 5 days, 7 days or 10 days. At our place it is for 5 days. And we used to have 5 days off from school. Naturally when we all cousins of same cohort used to get together, we used to make a hell of a racket!

That get together I liked most. Festivals are meant for people to come together and celebrate and enjoy. We children had a task assigned to us. Decoration. It used to be very hectic as everything had to be finished before the first morning, but it was worth a slog. We used to visit other places to compare which decoration is better. And finding ours as one of the better ones used to be quite comforting! Now that we are all grown up and busy with our schedule, we don't find as much time for it. But still sometime I'd like to take some time out and get lost in decoration work on Ganesh Chaturthi eve again.

What truly makes Ganapati everyone's (or should I say everyone who is not calorie conscious!) favorite is He is very fond of sweets! And to make him happy you are bound to serve Him with different kind of sweets like modak, karanji, ladoo, and many more. You serve Him with different menu each day so that He is satisfied and would give you more wealth, health and wisdom. Naturally, the menu would in turn find way to our dish. And that is what used to make us utmost satisfied!!

to be continued..

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