Monday, September 27, 2004

Ctrl Z

Does this happen to you? On some days you just don't get started. You either don't get any ideas. Even if you do, you feel lazy to do anything about it. And when you ain't feeling lazy and actually doing something, "external actors" play spoilsport!

The past few days have been like this for me. A prominent example that comes to mind is of writing the blog. I was not feeling like writing anything, though so much is happening around here. One fine day when I decide to pen something down, is not accessible. Finally I get to access and I start again with a determined mind. I write a few lines, and (quite naturally) commit a spelling error. By habit, I press Ctrl+Z thinking it would erase the wrong word. And voila! The whole blog vanishes. For a moment I feel like David Copperfield!! And you guessed it right, I have not saved anything. My new found enthusiasm evaporates like my blog.

Man proposes and computer disposes!

signing off,

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