Sunday, September 12, 2004

House cleaning

Cleaning house can be a painstaking task. I realized this (again) yesterday. Being a Sunday, I thought I should tidy up my wardrobe. But what I did not anticipate that it would contain so many things other than clothes that it would take me whole evening to do it.

But come to think about it, I like this cleaning out my closet stuff. You get to discover so many things you had dumped in it over a period of time. And the things can take you back days, months, years (well, if you have not cleaned it for a long time!). Yesterday I happened to find my diary and an old album. And it was really a nice experience while I sat in the dusty mess flipping through the photos and turning pages. Each page, each photo bringing back memories: some good - some bad - some exuberant - some grievous - some worth remembering till eternity - some worth forgetting in a flash.

Now back to reality, I have yet to clear two out of three racks in the closet! And boy, it looks grim from here!

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