Thursday, September 09, 2004

Ultimate code

I broke the ultimate code today. With help of someone though! It was on my mind since couple of days now. Now after knowing what it is, I feel it was so simple. I suddenly feel like Dr Watson myself :-)

I have finished Da Vinci Code, Deception Point and Digital Fortress in span of 3 weeks. I found all very riveting reads. Dan has a neat style of writing, and what impresses me about all three is the kind of ground work he must have took up to write these. Its awesome. It seems as if he has studied all the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, the working of NASA, NSA to the core. The level to which he goes to mystify a reader is very detailed and methodical. But that would be my complaint (just one as of now) about his work as you can easily guess what would be the climax in next books, it becomes too predictable once you have read one/two books. But then, you can also do same while you are reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie.

All in all very good books. I m looking forward to read Angels and Demons.

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South Yarra Steve said...

Hello NKU

Wait until you read MY books - you are going to love them!! Good blog BTW