Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Good old writing

Back to blogging .. This time i will try to be a frequent blogger!

Y'day i painted (or tried to paint) the pic on back cover of Calvin and Hobbes - The Revenge of The Baby-Sat book. Where Calvin and Hobbes are happily sleeping on a tree branch. Its come out good, or so said my roommate so that I'd prepare coffee.

They never cease to amuse me, these two characters, Calvin and Hobbes. It seldom happens that I read their strip and I dont find myself smiling. Its not just Calvin or Hobbes. Its about Mom, Dad, Susie, Ms Wormhood, Rosalyn, Moe, Dinosaurs, Spaceman Spiff, Stupendous Man, Transmogrifier guns and many many more things. Its about any boy of 6 who has his own world where he can instantly become a pterodactyl and fly away from class, where he can talk to his stuffed tiger Hobbes and Hobbes talks back to him too. Other people can't see the world his way. Maybe because they are too old, or they dont have the kind of mindset, or whatever. But all said and done, Calvin's world is an amazing place. Read some strips and you'd know what I mean.

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