Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I am quite busy these days. And missed Mark Knopfler too on Monday. It's no less than a criminal damage! Why he had to come on 7th when on the very day I had an important release?

Life ain't no fair maan!

Btw, before leaving for the day, I thought I'd just listen to some retro songs, and I stumbled on Def Leppard's Vault in my collection. They say each song can make you forget of present and takes you somewhere in past. It is indeed true. Vault was one of the first 5 cassettes I had purchased from my own earnings long back in Feb 2002. Those were quite happening days really. And every time I listen to Photograph or Let's get Rocked or Love Bites or Pour Some Sugar on Me or Hysteria, my initial days in corporate world come back to mind. It's like your first crush, isn't it? Magical.

But this is not to say today was not magical. :-)

signing off,

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