Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Men in Blue or Blues?

I am quite disappointed by our team's performance on the last day of the test match at Bangalore.

I was reading an article on rediff and couldn't have agreed more with the author when he said,

Had this Indian team gone out and played to win, it would have won the hearts of all those watching, even if it eventually succumbed to defeat. The greatest test of courage is to bear defeat without losing heart.

Today, on the cricket field, Ganguly's team lost heart.

And if there is anything in the world that hurts the team's fans more than losing, it is losing without putting up a decent fight.
I am not expecting a win every time you go out. But at least you can try it, or at least show that you are trying for god's sake. Hard to imagine that this is the same Indian team which was winning against Australia and Pakistan some seasons ago.

I had sent a mail to my friends when Sehwag got out: "Sehwag is out: the guy who could have won us the match. Now according to me Indians would go into the "save match" mode. And this might be "the" chance for pak to win!". And the Indian team proved themselves just like an overtly predictable bollywood flick. Pakistan would have been too foolish to let go the chance. I heard Inzy saying in an interview that "Woh log defensive khelte rahe. Maine socha main hi kyon naa attack karoon?". Luckily it did not rain yesterday, while today in Banglaore it's all cloudy. Come to think of it, the future looks more cloudy for the one-day series from here.

Too many negatives and no positive make a dull day anywhere in the world.

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