Monday, March 28, 2005


That's me. I mean, that's one of my nicks over the years.

Btw, even "niks" is my nick.

So is "nku".

Sometimes I was even "bachcha" and "kiddo".

For some, I am "shonu".

For some other hostile types, I am "dukkar", "shembdya", "khadoos" or "kanjoos".

At times, I am "stupid". And yes, "kuska" too.

For one of the classmates, I was "kuls" (or "kulks", I couldn't tell the way he pronounced).

In short stints, I was even "tau", "backbencher", "ghatotkatch" and "Pentium II (after sunset)".

signing off,

If you have some new one in mind for me, please let me know :-)

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