Monday, March 21, 2005

Go India Go!

Great weekend this was for the Indian sports lovers. What more could have they asked for?

First it was team India coming back very strongly to beat Pakistan quite convincingly (so much so that my friend here is tempted to term it as crushing). But it was never a one sided game. In fact had it not been Dravid and Kaarthik in second innings, Pakistan had a fair chance of winning. Again if Afridi hadn't given away his wicket, who knows? Once again it proves how much we underestimate Kumble as a match winner, when he has delivered time and again with his relentless efforts on the field.

Second, Narain Karthikeyan finished 11th in Malaysian grand prix. Mind you, to go from 15th to 11th in only second race is by no means easy. It's a feat which would give the young man immense self confidence and recognition on the f1 circuit. As I said earlier, he would grow only better from here.

Keep it up men! You are making us proud.

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